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May 15th - 22nd - More "Ups" Than "Downs"

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PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2012 11:21 pm    Post subject: May 15th - 22nd - More "Ups" Than "Downs" Reply with quote

I want to apologize for taking so long to update my fishing reports. It's been another very busy year and sometimes the days just get away from me. I do, however, update the Hillman Guide Service FaceBook page after every trip so go check it out for the most current reports.

This past week consisted of ups and downs….but mostly “ups!” I took off Mother’s Day then had a last minute cancellation on May 14th. Of course the conditions were perfect and everyone I talked to whipped up on the trout pretty good that day. I finally got back on the water May 15th and got in on the action. The fishing was really good all the way through the 22nd when the wind started howling again. The boat traffic was the worst I’ve seen it all year throughout the entire week. We were not able to fish very many of the areas we’ve been fishing, but were still able to catch good numbers of big trout almost every day anyway. Working slicks over deep shell with Bass Assassins and topwaters was the ticket. There were several days when we caught the majority of our fish on top which is always a ton of fun.

May 15th – Mike Kalil and his brother Mark dodged heavy boat traffic and wind to manage 12 really nice trout to 25 inches during their half day trip. The 25 incher was a male trout. I don’t recall ever seeing a male trout that big. All but a couple of our fish came on Skitterwalks and Super Spook Juniors. We lost almost as many as we hooked, but the blow-ups were well worth it.

May 16th – Dan, Chris and Duane worked ‘em over pretty good on tops and tails keeping 22 to 24 inches and turning one 26 inch trout loose. We stayed way off the beaten path which probably cost us a few fish, but who cares when you’re catching trout that average over 3 pounds.

May 17th – Danny, Matt and Jay boxed 28 really thick trout to 24.5 inches despite us getting run over by potlickers at almost every stop. I wish some of these guys could learn how to find their own fish, but I’m not holding my breath. My new name for it is “Entitlement Fishing.” They see you catching and then motor right up next to you, 20 yards behind you, in front of you…you name it. This new era “Free-For-All” style fishing is not nice. At one point we had 2 guys that came in behind us that were nearly hitting the side of my boat with their topwaters. Sorry for the rant, but it’s way out of control. At any rate, the guys had a great time and caught plenty of good fish. Most were caught on Red Shad Assassin Sea Shads with a few coming on Limetreuse and Glow/Green tail.

May 18th – Frank, Joey and Kent caught a great box of trout with the bulk of them falling for Skitterwalks and MirrOlure Top Dogs. A few fell prey to Red Shad Assassins. I don’t recall the exact number of trout they kept, but it was near their limits with the biggest measuring just under 25 inches (swallowed the jig). We did have an interruption while we were on a very good school of trout when Joey got a topwater stuck in his thumb. Other than that it was a great day.

May 19th – Matt and Chad dodged crowds with me to scrape up half limits of nice trout. There were 5 tournaments going on so we had to go to the other end of the earth to stay away from everyone. Our plan worked somewhat, but we did have two guys come in close enough to cross over Matt’s line and get tangled. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Some of the guys that got in with the crowds did a lot better. The wind was also a factor. The highlight of the day was Chad getting a topwater stuck in his big toe. We were on a school of trout and he had just landed one on a Bass Assassin that was about 3.5 pounds. While it was flopping around on the floor it knocked a topwater off of a rod under the gunwale and stuck right in his toe. You couldn’t have done that again in a million tries. Matt videoed the aftermath including the removal. This may sound twisted, but it was actually pretty comical. You can view the 2 videos on YouTube. I’ve never had anyone on my boat get hooked (except me) and now I’ve had two in two days.

May 20th – My old high school buddy Mike Slater brought along 3 other Rice football coaches to get in on some of the hot trout action that’s been going on. Mike, Darrel, Larry and Adrian did a great job putting 22 solid trout in the cooler and releasing another 26 incher. The majority were caught one Bass Assassins today.

May 21st – Peter, Scott and Jay booked this trip with me last year so the level of anticipation was high. The weather was good, but the tide movement wasn’t so good. They still managed to duplicate the results me and my guys had the day before. The final tally was 22 in the box and one 26 inch trout released. The high point of the trip was Peter catching his personal best 25 inch trout then besting that one 30 minutes later with a 26 incher (released). I think we caught a couple on topwaters, but the lion share of our trout ate Assassin Sea Shads.

May 22nd – Ronnie and Ray toughed it out in WNW 20 mph winds until around 1 PM when the wind finally subsided. The problem was that the tide was dead when the wind finally calmed down. I took a chance right out of the box that morning that proved to be the wrong move. I knew better, but I was trusting the forecast. We only landed 4 trout to 25.5 inches before pulling the plug. Red Shad Assassin Sea Shads were responsible for most of our hook-ups. We lost at least 7 trout.

I’ve cancelled May 23rd through the 25th because of south winds gusting to more than 25 mph. It looks like our first decent day won’t be until Memorial Day. However, I will not be fishing that day. Instead I’ll be spending some much needed time with my family and I also plan on paying my Uncle Ronnie a little visit. He lost his life on May 5th, 1968 near the Village of An Bao in Binh Dinh Province, Vietnam when his troops were attacked and outnumbered 10 to 1 by a Regiment of the North Vietnamese Army. Rest in peace CPL Ronald A. Hillman along with all of our heroes who have lost their lives while fighting to protect our precious freedom. Please let us not forget that Memorial Day is not just another vacation day. Take the time to honor the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for the freedoms that we all cherish. Kind of makes catching fish seem insignificant doesn’t it?

Thanks for Reading!
Capt. Steve
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